This has been a great project to be a part of. This is almost entirely my programming though not entirely my design. This is my biggest personal project that I am working on with Copper Hut Technology who are founders and brains behind this idea.

Nomad Hemp Wear

Nomad Hemp Wear

These guys have some awesome clothing! It feels so good to work with these folks as these guys are pretty conscience about how their products are made. So they approach their site in the same way.

Denise LeBlanc brought me in to do some backend development on their site along with some minor arrangement of some plugin development for the frontend side of things.

Autism Awareness Centre

Autism Awareness Centre

This has been an ongoing project that I have been fortunate enough to be involved in. First of all its around a worth while subject and connects people with important information. I always dig that.

This project has allowed me to dive into WP(wordpress) and develop some custom plugins for some really cool features.


This was a fun project for a family member. While I didn't build the model myself, I did have permission to print it.

Tea Package Box

I decided to make my own mountable tea box as most the time tea would be put in the cabinet and was never easily accessible. Took about 6 hours to design and 3 huors to print the boxes out. Had a few prints and mods to get some of the sizing perfect. Now they allow me to have the tea sitting in a visible place so I can even see what tea is left.

Pepper Grinder Stand

One of the first things I made awhile ago was a stand for my pepper grinder. Designed speciffically to collect the pepper that fell out the bottom of the grinder when you place it back down on the counter/table.

Simple and functional.

KVH - Kootenay Valley Helicopters

Kootenay Valley Helicopters

KVH is a really cool helicopter company based out of the kootenays. These guys have some beautiful machines and do some sweet flying. Covering the kootenays with their flying machines they have a couple of bases. One of them in Nelson. Sweet!

Mikaela - New Design

Mikaela Recipe page

In case you haven't seen the other work we've done for Mikaela, then here's a brief description for you of who she is.
"Mikaela is a Culinary Nutritionist and Health Coach, fusing the science of nutrition with the art of healthy eating and food creation."

Canada Drives

Using xverify for Canada Drives

Canada Drives is a car loan company with an easy to use loan submission process. They contacted my associates at The West Harbour to add in some verification to their form system plus a little styling. They needed the form to work as is without touching the actual form submission process. As well we needed to include the javascript validation they had running. 

Fresh Tap

Fresh Tap

These guys have got it going on! I love my wine and these guys have coming right from the tap! A must visit when in Vancouver.