Selkirk Music Showcases

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I love streaming video. One of my favorite side jobs! Thankfully ever year I get to work on streaming the Selkirk College Music Program's Student Showcase Events. this is about 14 days long, every evening, two student music showcases a night. Pretty cool.

Coldsmoke 2011

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Last year Blair Altman got asked to do a Coldsmoke video for their photo competition that they do every year. this year however, they were expanding to any form of media. The competition requirements were that a film was to be made around 3-5minutes in length. The use of any type of media was given as a parameter along with a theme that they chose at the beginning of the month.

International Triathlon for Kids

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A few years ago I did a documentary for Steve Archdekin. This guy has 2 forms of arthritis and is pain constantly. Well, you'd think that would put most on the couch for life but this guy does triathlons. Now, not only does he do that but he also plans on running around North America to raise money for the children of the world.