KVH - Kootenay Valley Helicopters

Kootenay Valley Helicopters

KVH is a really cool helicopter company based out of the kootenays. These guys have some beautiful machines and do some sweet flying. Covering the kootenays with their flying machines they have a couple of bases. One of them in Nelson. Sweet!

They approached me sometime ago to roll out a new site design and branding to go with their awesome company. Loving Helicopters, I said for sure!

I brought in a designer friend of mine, Kamala, to help me out as I don't normally like to handle design aspects myself. We worked with them for some time sorting out what it was they wanted and what worked. Final branding goes to Kamala and some nice work she pulled together.

After the branding we moved into the website which is my favorite part as it has to do with organizing and programming functionality. Using Drupal as my framework, we put the site together with some nice features. Each page has the photo gallery as the background and with a click of the button all content will vanish to check out their nice photos. I added in some simplifying admin management tools to make it easier then making dough to update.

These guys were a lot of fun to work with and to fly with. If you ever need a ride, check these guys out.

Oh, and they also have a SA 315 B Lama helicopter. If you don't know what that is. Its worth the look on their site.