This has been a great project to be a part of. This is almost entirely my programming though not entirely my design. This is my biggest personal project that I am working on with Copper Hut Technology who are founders and brains behind this idea.

Yodel is a website that allows non-profits(causes) to raise money. It also allows people(challengers) to do personal challenges(like climb 30 mountains in 30 days) to raise moeny for a non-profit. Its a win win really. People get to imporove themselves and promote what they are doing while also bringing money to a cause they connect with.

Right now Yodel Causes can create events, review  donations and if registered can have donation receipts go out to donators.

This site has too many features that I have built to mention but it is built with Drupal(my fave) and has tons of custom modules and a cool backend functionality.

Check it out.