Web Development

Mikaela Reuben

Mikaela Reuben

While developing this sites jquery and theming the wordpress website, I discovered some amazing recipes. Tantalizing and inspirational are words that can be used for not only the food she presents but the design and thought that went into the design of the site.

Teachbuzz Beta


Teachbuzz (beta) is a fascinating site for teachers to pass on lesson ideas to each other to try and build out resources for anyone anywhere to access. The concept comes from the organization Open Equal Free in which they try and spread open educational resources to the world.

The Virtual Librarian Service

The Virtual Librarian Service

The Virtual Librarian Service is a fascinating university level business. Managing online students, curriculum and many other services.

Rossland Telegraph

Rossland Telegraph

Sometime ago my friend David at New Media Empire asked for a module for his Drupal based website. I love playing with Drupal so i gladly accepted the challenge.

Blvd Marketing Group

Blvd Marketing Group Website

Blvd Marketing Group provide comprehensive sales and marketing services for Boutique Residential Developments. They have a really nice site that The West Harbour firm put together. I was brough in by them to finish up some touches with the wordpress javascript galleries. So it was a quick in and out,  touch up for the gallery at the bottom of the page.

Roaring Twenties Wine

Roaring Twenties Wine Company

Roaring Twenties Wine is a wine company based out of Vancouver that I have had the pleasure of helping launch their new site in November. Wade Ouellet from The West harbour brought me in to help with some of the coding of this dynamic site built with wordpress and using a single page to load most of the content.