Web Development

The hardest thing with showing your programming skills is showing it. No one actually sees the coding. You can review my porfolio and read what I have done in the project but actually viewing is almost impossible. The design is what's generally seen, my programming is the functionality and it works well.

I've broken this area into two parts.


For Businesses

A web developer is someone who works on web applications for a larger project. Generally this does not cover the design or styling aspect of a website. However with extensive time in this business I have a wide variety of skills to take a project from start to finish. While I will stray from the design pieces, I will bring in one of my associates to create an amazing design based around your companies needs. I have run many projects from start to finish and all with great success.

Please review my list of associates to see the work we have done together then us to see what we can do for you.

If you have a design company already, then bring me in for something specific. I work well with others and new contacts are great.

Let's talk.


For Design/Frontend UI developers

The types of services I offer under this area is around building custom plugins/modules for wordpress, drupal and other frameworks. I can also rollout custom systems if the need is there to have something specificaly built for your client.

Being apart of the project is something I offer to design companies as I've found it to be an area needed. I enjoy coming in when most of the easy stuff has been worked out and all I'm doing is the complex piece or the heavy bit that needs some serious programming. i like to call it the "heavy lifting".

If you need a custom plugin or someone to do the heavy lifting on your web project then contact me.


Video is a broad area of digital media. Lets just say my favourite is live events being broadcasted to web. This is called "Live Streaming".

Beyond live streaming I more then dabble in filming, editing and some compositing. We'll call this area "Video Production".


Video Production

I work with several assocates on this. We do promotional videos, instructional videos, as well as compositing for larger video projects.


Live Streaming

I love the live streaming aspect of video. I generally oversee the whole project from meeting to discuss the event right to the after event debrief.

My team and I broadcast:

  • Music Shows
  • Theatre Plays
  • Weddings

We can use one camera to stream or multiple cameras to mix together like a TV studio to send out onto the web.

Contact us if you have a wedding or toher event you want to broadcast over the internet live.

3D Printing

I've been playing in the world of 3D printing for 5 years now and am pretty excited with what has come out of it. I'm now looking into making props for cosplay, theatre and film.

If you need that specific prop piece that needs to look perfect or maybe it needs to work with some electronics like leds or motors, then I can help. From the computer screen to physical form in your hand, it can happen.