Web Development

The hardest thing with showing your programming skills is showing them. No one actually sees the coding. You can review my porfolio and read what I have done on a project but actually viewing my work is almost impossible.  You see the design, but how a site works is down to my programming.

Let's break my web development clientele into two categories:



A web developer is a programmer, who either programs an entire site or a single complex section of a site. This does not cover styling aspects of a website. However with extensive time in this business I have a wide variety of skills to take a project from start to finish. While I will stray from the design pieces, I will bring in one of my associates to create an amazing design based around your companies needs. I have run many projects from start to finish and all with great success.

Please review my portfolio to see collaborative work with my associates, then contact me to see what I can do for you.

If you have a design company already, then I could be perfect for programming your site. I work well with others and new contacts are great.

Let's talk.


Design/Frontend UI developers

The types of services I offer under this area is around building custom plugins/modules for wordpress, drupal and other frameworks. I can also rollout custom systems if the need is there to have something specificaly built for your client.

Being apart of a project is something I offer to design companies as I've found web development to be an area needed. I enjoy coming in when most of the easy stuff has been worked out and all I'm doing is the complex piece or the heavy bit that needs some serious programming. I like to call it the "heavy lifting".

If you need a custom plugin or someone to do the "heavy lifting" on your web project then contact me.