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Consult - Plan - Produce

I have multiple platforms I want to live stream to at the same time. Can I do this?

YES! With the equipment we have, we can live stream to multiple sites simultaneously.

I don’t think I need a big production.

That’s okay. We do small productions too. We can offer a single camera set-up with some nice graphics to showcase your brand.

I have to live stream my event next week, can you help?

Sure, we can help if it’s a small simple production. The more you need, the more time it takes to prepare. If you can keep your script small and you’re well organized, we can handle the rest. 

How can I cover the cost of the larger production?

This is a great opportunity to look at increasing your sponsorship ask. Live streaming can provide benefits to your sponsors as it can increase their reach to a larger audience that’s not limited to a geographical area. Depending on your project, you may also be able to take advantage of various funding options and grants. Let’s chat. Live streaming can provide a great return on investment (ROI).

What do you mean by script?

A script in the live streaming world means a timeline of the event and what needs to be on air when. It explains when to do lower third additions(see next Q&A), when to play sponsor videos or graphics, when to switch to speakers or interview segments, etc. Scripting allows you to organise and plan your live stream event.

What are lower thirds

Lower thirds are those little graphics that come across the lower third of the video with text that tells you who is speaking. Think of the news when they are interviewing someone.

Can I live stream a pre-recorded video?

Yes. Don’t just upload a video and wait for people to watch it someday. Get engagement and live stream your pre-recorded video instead! 

I already have a camera person but not sure how to get my graphics in the stream as well.

We can help with that. We can bring in a live editing person with a small video switcher and do the live edit for the stream. We can work at whatever level you need. 

Still have questions? Contact us for your answers.