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Consult - Plan - Produce

Strawman Productions offers a variety of live streaming services from consulting to producing to visual graphics. All services are scalable to match the size of the production and we can match our offerings to your needs. If you're interested in a service not listed below, just drop us a line! We are versatile and can handle almost any live stream setup or pre-recorded broadcast.



A script in the live streaming world means a timeline of the event and what needs to be on air and when. It explains when to do lower third additions (see Q and A), when to play sponsor videos or graphics, when to switch to speakers or interview segments, etc. We can review your script , help you plan and figure out timing.


We help you organize all the pieces that go into your event. Examples of what a producer can cover include sound, lighting, camera crew, actors (the people performing in front of the cameras), venue management, internet service provider for the location, IT, video graphics, sponsor reels and graphics.


We take the script and direct everything on “stage” and we do the live edit and graphics timing.

Live Switching

This is doing the switching from camera to camera, or camera to graphics, following the script and the director. This can be the same person as the director depending on the size of the production.

Motion Graphics

Think of the graphics you see on the news: lower third graphics, intro graphics, credits, etc. We can produce all of these as either still images or video clips.

Audio Management

This can include everything from lav mics to full audio mixing setups.

Venue Reviews

We check the layout and viability of a venue to make sure it matches the purpose of the broadcast. We also make sure the venue has the right systems in place for a great broadcast.

Managing Streaming Servers

We ensure the live stream signal is strong and the servers or platforms (Facebook,YouTube, etc.) are receiving a good signal. We also review metrics and handle any issues that may crop up with the platforms.

Camera Crew

We have professional camera operators on our team. We can provide one or many depending on the size of the event.


We can help you make the best choices for your live stream, even if we're not working the event. We can help you make sure your event is top notch.